10 SMART Gadgets To Upgrade Your Bedroom

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Smart homes are all the rage these days. From smart bulbs to high-tech kitchen appliances, the list of ways to make your home THAT much more techy is endless. In today’s episode of TechJoint we’re bringing you Smart appliances for your bedroom. Think high-tech mattresses, fancy air purifiers and snooze-reducing alarm clocks. From gadgets that’ll help you sleep soundly to ones that’ll brighten
and optimize your morning routine, here are 10 SMART Gadgets To Upgrade Your Bedroom

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10 SMART Gadgets To Upgrade Your Bedroom [Links]

10. Withings Sleep Tracking Pad – https://geni.us/D9npX6v
9. Clocky – https://geni.us/FyBn0z6
8. Fingerbot – https://bit.ly/2yPX58E
7. Lua Smart Plant Pot – https://bit.ly/377pRi0
6. Atmoph Window 2 – https://bit.ly/2Kvq1rP
5. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool – https://geni.us/wTGQqS
4. Sensorwake Trio – https://geni.us/6CBRyc
3. Smart Remote X – https://bit.ly/3m1wPLI
2. Solstice Kinetic Clock – https://bit.ly/39c59QD
1. Roborock S6 Vacuum – https://geni.us/VDRW9

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